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吸水速乾性と速乾性に優れており、紫外線防止機能も搭載しているため、アウトドアやスポーツシーンでも活躍することができます。紫外線防止機能はUV PROTECTIONとして表記されており、肌を守るために重要な機能となっています。


★幅 140 cm x 長さ 200cm以上から10cm単位でご購入いただけます。

素材: ポリエステル


薄い ○○●○○ 厚い

柔らかい ○○●○○ 固め(ハリがある)





よろしくお願い致します^ ^




This fabric is made of polyester span with excellent water absorption and quick -drying, and has a characteristic look and texture like cotton. It has a soft feeling and lightness and provides a comfortable comfort. It uses environmentally friendly recycling materials and attracts attention as a sustainable material. The size is 140cm, which can be used for a wide range of items such as pants, room wear, and sportswear. It has excellent water absorption and quick -drying and quick -drying, and has a UV protection function, so it can be used in outdoors and sports scenes. The UV protection function is described as a UV Protection, which is an important function to protect the skin. Overall, it is a convenient material that is highly functional but has excellent design.

[Product Details]

★Width:140 cm x Length: You can purchase from 200 cm or more in units of 10 cm.

★Material: Polyester

★Fablic Type: Tenjiku knit fabric

★Color of the fabric:Neon yellow

★Thickness of the fabric:
Thin ○○●○○ Thick

★Texture of the fabric:
Soft ○○●○○ Firm (resilient)

★Elasticity :Yes

★Commercial use:Yes

★Product Code:41-059-999

The 40 // 2 India is called a yarn count, which refers to a sheeting material whose twisting strength is adjusted in units of 40. In this case, the strength of the twist is number 40, which means a tyedshy material that twists two yarns. There are 100%cotton and those that blend chemical fibers such as polyester. In general, it is often used for clothing such as cut -sew and innerwear because it is thin, soft, breathable, and soft.

Thank you for your attention.

※Please read the following notes.
Because it isn't cut by a professional, there may be some errors in length or the cut may be slanted.
We have checked for scratches, stains, etc., but they are not perfect.
Colors may also vary depending on the shooting conditions. (The first image is the closest reproduction to the actual product).
If you are worried, please please feel free to contact us before purchasing.

Thank you very much for your consideration and we look forward to receiving your order!

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