About M's fabric

ハWe want you to enjoy handmade more.

We want to pass on Japanese handmade products to future generations.
With that thought, we would like to help you with your handmade life as much as we can.

On purchase,


Sales policy

・Free shipping is available for purchases of 5500 yen or more.
・The length of the product is listed in the title column.
・Please note that depending on the number of items purchased, your order may be bundled with other items.


Cancellation after purchase is basically not allowed.

Thickness and translucency

Thicknesses are listed as ●1 to ●5.
(That's just my personal expression)
Some products may be see through even in ●3 depending on the material.

We judge the level of each type of fabric.

Example: If the fabric is thin even in the fleece knit ●2
If the fabric is a little thick even in the lace ●3 etc ...

The translucency is described in the third image, but may not be accurately represented due to weather and shooting conditions.

Finally note

For amateur cutting, there are cases where there is a slight length error or cutting is slanted.

We have checked for scratches and stains, but they are not perfect. The color may vary depending on the shooting conditions.


(The first image was taken to get the closest color.)
If you are concerned, please check before you buy.

We hope that you will understand and buy it.
We look forward to having a relationship with you (. • ᴗ •.)


M's fabric

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