99-397 100% Cotton, USA cotton, Yellow×Orange, Animals, 2m×110cm

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USA cotton is not only warm, absorbent, breathable, and moisture retentive, but also comfortable and gentle to the touch.
It is also durable and sturdy, which is it's appeal.
Perfect for making T-shirts and dresses, and can be washed with a scrubbing. It is heat resistant and ironing is fine.

[Product Details]

★Width:110 cm x Length: 200cm

★Material: 100% Cotton

★Fablic Type:

★Color of the fabric:yellow and orange

★Thickness of the fabric:
Thin ○●○○○ Thick

★Texture of the fabric:
Soft ○●○○○ Firm (resilient)

★Elasticity :Yes

★Commercial use:Yes

★Product Code:99-397-200

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※Please read the following notes.
Because it isn't cut by a professional, there may be some errors in length or the cut may be slanted.
We have checked for scratches, stains, etc., but they are not perfect.
Colors may also vary depending on the shooting conditions. (The first image is the closest reproduction to the actual product).
If you are worried, please please feel free to contact us before purchasing.

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