22-047-AB002 Batik Japanese harp, 100% Cotton, Batik fabric, White blue, Animal doll

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This animal doll is made of Indonesian wax-dyed batik fabric.
This stuffed toy was born in Bali.

A rare batik fabric dyed in authentic Indonesia.
Please enjoy the vivid and beautiful colors reminiscent of the southern islands.

Animal doll: Teddy bear
Size: 11 cm X 15 cm
Material: Batik fabric 100% cotton

It is made of a nice fabric with an Asian taste.
The contents are stuffed with polyester cotton.
The limbs are attached to the body using buttons made from coconut, so they can move back and forth.
Beads are used for the eyes of it.
It is a sitting type stuffed animal. It does not stand on its own.

★It can be washed, but it may discolor, so please avoid washing with white items.

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★Material: 100% Cotton

★Fablic Type:

★Color of the fabric:

★Product Code:22-047-111

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