10-147-AT04 Atsuko Matsuyama, Shirting, YUWA, Animal Hexagon 10cm

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Reprint, Atsuko Matsuyama [Animal Hexagon]
Shirting - Soft chintz processing
The hexagons are filled with cute animals such as rabbits, bears and dogs, as well as many motifs such as small flowers, dots and stripes.
You can cut out the motifs and use them for appliqué, etc. This is a fabric that can be enjoyed infinitely with just one piece.
From those who like """"kawaii"""" to those who prepare items for children, you can create exciting works.

[Product Details]

★Designer name: Atsuko Matsuyama, Japanese famous fablic designer.

★Brand Name: YUWA

★Width:108 cm x Length: You can purchase from 50 cm or more in units of 10 cm.

★Material: 100% Cotton

★Fablic Type: Shirting

★Type of processing: Soft chintz finish

★Thickness of the fabric:
Thin ○●○○○ Thick

★Texture of the fabric:
Soft ○●○○○ Firm (resilient)

★FeedSack Width:30 cm x Length:30cm

★Elasticity :None

★Commercial use:No

★Product Code:10-147-999

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