10-100-MA11 Atsuko Matsuyama/Sheeting/YUWA-Fruit-Label/10cm

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Resale of the popular print fabric!
These are designed by Atsuko Matsuyama, who is familiar with her adorable design of the 30’s taste.
This is a standard cute design studded with petit-sized cherries and flowers.
It’s great for patchwork and making small items as a lot of small prints are studded tightly.

[Product Details]

★Designer name: Atsuko Matsuyama, Japanese famous fablic designer.

★Brand Name: YUWA

★Width:110 cm x Length: You can purchase from 50 cm or more in units of 10 cm.

★Material: 100% Cotton

★Fablic Type: Sheeting

★Thickness of the fabric:
Thin ○●○○○ Thick

★Texture of the fabric:
Soft ○●○○○ Firm (resilient)

★FeedSack Width:7.5 cm x Length:7.5cm

★Elasticity :None

★Commercial use:No

★Product Code:10-100-999

【Sheeting】 Plain woven fabric using thick yarn. It’s easy to pass through needles and to sew.

Compared to shirting fabric, the texture is more rough and simple.
Chintz finish: It is a process to make the surface of the fabric glossy.
The works will get looking better. The processing will gradually drop over time and washing.
Recommended works example: preparation for starting school, Cartonnage, patchwork-, Pouch/Bag, Cushion cover etc.

Thank you for your attention.

※Please read the following notes.
Because it isn't cut by a professional, there may be some errors in length or the cut may be slanted.
We have checked for scratches, stains, etc., but they are not perfect.
Colors may also vary depending on the shooting conditions. (The first image is the closest reproduction to the actual product).
If you are worried, please please feel free to contact us before purchasing.

Thank you very much for your consideration and we look forward to receiving your order!